We can help you to make a request to the airline to check whether you are allowed to take your pet with you. But you must purchase our Support Package first. It is best to buy the Support Package when you book, it is cheaper that way. But you can also buy it at a later date. You can read more about what is included in the Support Package here. In order to make a request, we need to know what sort of pet you have and the size of the cage (height, length, width) as well as the weight of the cage and the total weight of the cage and the animal. We can only make a request for existing bookings. 

Airlines usually charge extra for pets. This fee is charged at the airport when you check in and is paid directly to the airline. You will find information about the costs on the airline's website.

The airline is always responsible for agreeing whether or not you can take a pet with you. If you are not allowed to take your pet, you will still not receive a refund for your tickets. Please note that you cannot take pets to the United Kingdom.

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